Design your lift

Make your idea become a vision

The continuous search to offer more and more services to their customers led D'ALICE SERVICE & SALES and StudioPortaArchitects to embrace the project "DESIGN YOUR LIFT", with the aim of increasingly uniting lift industry and the architecture.

Studio Porta Architects

Architecture and design are the starting point for a collaborative process with the customer able to adapt to the challenges that a project presents.

What is offered ranges from the lifts supply to the architectural design of any scale and intended use, interior design, rendering, construction management, consultancy, cadastral updates, administrative procedures, APE, bill of quantities and everything around the project.

This project wants to offer its customers the creation of realistic and captivating images in a short time, at the right price and for every need. 

Through the creation of photorealistic 3D images it is possible to transmit design concepts in a simple and fast way.

Through the external view it is possible to show buildings of any type or scale before construction even begins.

With photorealistic external renderings, architects and builders will have no problem making their ideas known to customers, contractors and municipal technicians. 

It is therefore possible to create elegant villas, charming old houses, splendid skyscrapers, restaurants and much more. 

With the internal visualization you can give life to any idea, allowing the impossible: show the layout of the spaces, the materials chosen, the textures, the colors, the lighting, the furnishings, the decorative choices, etc.

An incredible tool for the real estate world capable of showing the property in the pre-sale phase. Very useful for "interior designers" who can show the customer the furnishing project, giving the possibility to approve and possibly modify the final choices before the actual realization.